Product-Highlight FAF 2024

“Digitally Printed Walls”: the new Erfurt JuicyWalls collection

“Digitally printed wallcoverings reinterpreted” – Erfurt, the wallcovering manufacturer, presents its latest JuicyWalls PRO collection with brand-new high-resolution images

Digitally printed wallcoverings are totally on trend – more and more people and companies are discovering the fantastic possibilities offered by large-format wall murals for creative wall design, or as a component of a company’s corporate design. Your professional painter and decorator is usually the first point of contact when selecting and hanging a digitally printed wall mural. However, nowadays decorators are expected to provide more than just perfect workmanship: design advice, help with the selection of an image and order handling are just a few of the services that modern painters and decorators are required to provide. However, valuable help is available from the wallcovering manufacturer Erfurt. The German Wuppertal-based family-owned company has extensive experience in digital printing. Its JuicyWalls PRO Collection, which has been available for many years, has become the go-to product among decorators for high-quality digitally printed projects.

The collection includes a huge selection of current and on-trend images, which professionals can order for customers in a range of different sizes and, in certain cases, also in different shades.
All the wallcoverings used are completely free of harmful substances and contain no fibreglass, plasticisers, PVC nor solvents. Neither do they emit any volatile organic compounds – so-called VOCs – and have a neutral odour. Exclusively environmentally-friendly paints are used and the large-format themed images are applied seamlessly. Erfurt is now presenting the next edition of JuicyWalls PRO.
The aim of the “Digitally Printed Walls” collection is to reinterpret digitally printed wallcoverings and take the onlooker on an inspiring journey into different worlds.


One collection – Three themed worlds

The new collection is sub-divided into three sections to suit all interior design styles:
The brand-new collection “Trend Walls – The most beautiful images on wallcoverings” is dedicated to the meta theme of nature. The collection includes images, such as mystical forests, flowering meadows or animal-related adventures. The breadth and harmony of all facets of nature is palpable throughout the collection. The onlooker is carried off into another world through this selection of nature-based images – far from the stress of everyday life and imbued with inner peace.
“JuicyWalls PRO – Century Walls” was developed with various designers and represents the evolution of Erfurt’s wallcovering range. The idea behind the concept is the harmonious interplay of background (e.g. stone, concrete, wood) and artistic graphic design. Certain images are available in different shades for maximum creative freedom.
The collection “Master Walls - The best on wallpaper” showcases a selection of Erfurt classics – it includes the best, most beautiful and most popular images from the past eight years.

View the new JuicyWalls PRO collection now at – the extensive collection of images is ideal as a source of inspiration in consultations with your customers. However, the collection books can also be used to showcase the unbelievably diverse range of images simply and easily. The sample book, also available, is a useful aid to let customers touch and feel the different wallcoverings and textures. The collection is available through wholesalers or your Erfurt field sales team.