Product-Highlight FAF 2024

Graco launches the all new Ultra XT & Mark XT HD 3-in-1 airless sprayers

Experience airless like never before — We proudly present the all-new Ultra XT & Mark XT HD 3-IN-1 airless sprayers. Experience the next advancement in industry-leading spray performance and pump durability with the XT Airless Sprayers.

Ultra XT family

Experience the next advancement in industry-leading pump durability and performance with the Ultra XT. Models 490 XT, 495 XT (both Stand & Hi-Boy), Model 650 XT (Hi-Boy) and Models 695 XT, 795 XT and 1095 XT (all Standard & ProContractor).

Mark XT HD 3-in-1 family

Mark XT HD 3-in-1 are built specifically for contractors needing a reliable pump, with proven performance and looking to increase production. Models V XT and VII XT (both Standard & ProContractor).

Breakthrough Xtreme Torque Motor:

  • The first motor ever designed specifically for airless spray by Graco
  • Up to 10X quieter delivers a new sound of quality

 World's widest & steadiest running pressure:

  • Rapid-Response Pressure Control instantly adjusts motor speed to deliver the Perfect Airless Finish
  • Selectable performance modes with the push of a button

Unrivalled pump durability & performance:

  • Endurance Vortex technology rotates piston rod to extend pump life
  • Eliminate downtime on the job with ProConnect

XT – Xtreme Torque exclusive benefits:

  • 10x quieter
  • Next-generation spray control & finish quality
  • Selectable performance modes
  • Fastest cleaning using less water
  • Pump wear prevention
  • Longest life before service
  • Fastest service on the job site
  • Lowest cost of ownership

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