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Decorative paints & floorings global leader providing architects, interior designers & contractors with innovative materials and coatings technologies.


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Range of products

  • P paints interior and exterior
  • P varnishes, varnish systems, coatings
  • P surface finishing and lettering
  • P plasters, plaster systems
  • P coatings, coating systems
  • F drywall materials and systems
  • F acoustic building materials and systems
  • F interior insulation materials and systems
  • F flooring technology
  • F building protection and concrete repair
  • F fire protection
  • F historic preservation
  • F facade systems
  • I wallpaper
  • I wall and ceiling coverings
  • I floor coverings
  • C construction site and workshop equipment
  • C Tools
  • C equipment and machinery
  • C filling compounds, adhesives and fastening technology
  • E ecological building materials
  • E technical building renovation

About us

Colortek is both a franchise retail destination and an internationally distributed brand specializing in wall and floor fashion.  As a lifestyle brand, our mission is to develop solutions with innovative technologies.

Today, all those efforts have earned us the reputation of being a forward-thinking brand and a solution provider that consistently innovates and brings to market products that are compliant with international standards of performance, safety, and sustainability. This mindset is leading raw materials suppliers to recognize our capabilities by selecting our R&D labs to bring to market new products using their technologies. Some of the Colortek product divisions: 

  • Decorative Finishes for Walls & Floors

  • Architectural Paints

  • Industrial Paints

  •  Waterproofing Solutions

  • Wood Treatment

  • Construction Material

  •  Industrial Paints