Edle Räume

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The Edle Räume Group presents MATEREA, the new brand in the field of surface design. Products for seamless bathrooms, lime/marble plasters in various variations, glazes, materials for exposed concrete, impregnation, soaps, and glazes. Everything for more sophisticated spaces.

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Range of products

  • P surface finishing and lettering
  • P plasters, plaster systems
  • P coatings, coating systems
  • I wall and ceiling coverings
  • I floor coverings
  • B business management
  • B marketing
  • B professional training

About us

Passion connects!

Materea stands for products that are simple and safe to use in their processing. Only then do positive results and feelings arise. In the customer, in the processor, and ultimately in us. Passion also means producing sustainable products without pollutants.

A good example here is our T-Razzino+, introduced in January 2022. Our two-component top product for seamless floors and bathrooms is solvent-free and free of carcinogenic ingredients. The stability and simplicity in processing are milestones in seamless design.

Limits are there to be exceeded. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in surface design is a task that MATEREA has dedicated itself to.

Development – Production – Sales form the core of the MATEREA world.

Beyond that is our passion, with which we support every processor, every one of our customers. The daily pursuit of perfection is evident in our products, seminars, workshops, and technical support. We live and love what we do – and that will always be the case. Promised!

With decades of experience in surface design, Materea combines a passion for user-friendly products with unmatched quality. For craftsmen, our materials make the crucial difference in quality - because quality is not a compromise but a commitment.

Thanks to the wide range of plastering techniques, there are no limits to the design of walls, floors, and ceilings.

Whether you opt for an industrial look, creative lime/marble plaster techniques, or waterproof, seamlessly plastered surfaces in bathrooms and living spaces - with MATEREA, the incredible becomes possible. Our lime-marble plasters achieve a particularly healthy indoor climate due to their special formula and resulting moisture regulation. Thus, you not only get "breathing" walls but also a unique design that is unique in color and structure.

High quality standards in product development and production are the prerequisite for successful projects with end customers. For craftsmen, the materials used are often the difference between failure and success with the customer.

All this so that passion does not create suffering.