Sustainability includes the topics of energy efficiency, circular economy, material composition and zero emissions. In short, you will learn how to make your business more sustainable. You will also learn which products can help you to do this and how you can not only implement measures in concrete terms, but also market them.

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ALLIGATOR FARBWERKE GmbH several locations

Silicat paints - for healthy living

Healthy living and ecological living – more than just a trend. Demand for high-quality mineral interior paints and coatings has been growing for years - also in wet abrasion resistance 2.

Erfurt Tapeten Hall 8 / 436

A heating system you can wallpaper

The new electric FH 300 PRO surface heating system is the ideal addition to climate panels and interior insulation plates from the ERFURT-KlimaTec range. The carbon-based thermal nonwoven material generates infra-red radiation, which directly warms the people and objects that it meets.

Meffert AG Farbwerke several locations
Use case

Jointly #griparound

The 'closed loop' enables continuous use by recycling plastic packaging such as buckets. The switch to plastic hangers is a step towards a circular economy and requires the involvement of the entire industry.

CAPAROL Farben Lacke Bautenschutz GmbH several locations

Reduce CO2 footprint by using façade insulation systems

Sustainable building - in particular, it is important to reduce CO2 emissions from the construction and use of buildings to a minimum. The facade also plays a major role. Basically, it ensures that as little energy as possible is lost in the form of heat.

Sto SE & Co. KGaA several locations

Flexible sustainability - StoTherm AimS® facade insulation system

The highly versatile StoTherm AimS® facade insulation system provides a helping hand in many areas: protecting the environment and conserving resources, protecting the climate, and promoting the circular economy.

KEIMFARBEN Hall 7 / 204
Trade fair offer

Mineral. Sustainable. Ecological: KEIM at the FAF 2024

At the major trade fair FARBE, AUSBAU UND FASSADE from 23 to 26 April 2024 in Cologne, KEIM will present itself as a pioneer in terms of sustainability with innovative product and system developments for sustainable building and renovation.

KEIMFARBEN Hall 7 / 204

Sustainability 2.0: Cradle to Cradle certified façade and interior paints from KEIM

With the Cradle to Cradle Certified® certificates for 65 products in the areas of facade paints, interior paints, wood and concrete systems, KEIM is a pioneer in the construction industry.

aquaService - Malerwaschplatz Hall 8 / 408


The AS 50, AS 80, AS 120 and AS 160 appliance series are our compact systems. These paint washing stations perfectly combine tool cleaning and water treatment.

Knauf Hall 8 / 503

KNAUF MALERSPACHTEL for professionals: PERFECTION. A plasterer’s magical touch

With a new complete range of painting fillers, Knauf has now tailored its high-quality solutions specifically to the needs of the painting trade. The range optimized for painting substrates offers painters professional products for a wide variety of substrates and layer thicknesses.

Go! Paint Hall 8 / 402

Enhance your craftsmanship - Paint better, faster and cleaner

Do you want to change colors quick and easy, storage your rollers easier and cleaner or looking for more stable trays and buckets? Go!Paint developed with professional painters different solutions to take your painting job to the next level. Made in Holland with 100% recycled plastic.

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