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To be successful, it is important for a company to align itself with the needs of the market. In addition, a strong brand delivers lucrative customers and suitable employees. Take advantage of our exhibitors' know-how in this service area.

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Meffert AG Farbwerke several locations

DinoFloor - Floor coatings for the painter

DinoFloor is the lean floor coating range with a broad spectrum of applications. All products are very easy to handle and offer a high degree of safety for the installer and the building owner.


NEW: Printed Fleeces

With Easydek Flexo Print you can clearly communicate 1 message to your customers and/or clients. Do you want to draw attention to a promotion? Do you have vacancies that need to be filled? Whatever you want, it can be printed on our cover fleece.

UZIN UTZ | UZIN, WOLFF, Pajarito Hall 8 / 512


Pajarito is a traditional manufacturer of high-quality painting, plastering and drywall tools that are valued by craftsmen all over the world. When developin

Meffert AG Farbwerke several locations
Experience at the booth

For a healthy painter's back!

PROFITEC and the experienced physiotherapist Dominik Wiesel have developed simple exercise modules with the new PROFITEC Blackroll. The fascia roller helps painters to relax with simple exercises, prevent injuries and improve their performance.

Mesko-Pinsel GmbH Hall 7 / 327

Streak-free surfaces with Konex(r) brushes

The Konex(r) synthetic filament mixture developed by Mesko-Pinsel GmbH is ideal for working with water-based paints and leaves a perfect surface finish.

SLATE LITE Hall 7 / 109A

The future of stone

Real stone, thin & flexible: The thin natural stone veneers by Slate-Lite are just approx. 1,5 mm thin but with a 100% natural stone surface. Design modern living areas in no time thanks to thin stone veneers!

J. WAGNER GmbH Hall 7 / 212

Product innovation FinishControl 4000 18V

WAGNER presents the new innovative cordless paint sprayer FinishControl 4000 18V using the AMPShare cordless system from BOSCH - READY TO SPRAY. ANYWHERE.

Jonas Farben GmbH Hall 7 / 316

Silicate interior paints - for high demands

Why JONAS silicate paints? Environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly are the buzzwords used to describe silicate paints. But they can do much more!

Edle Räume Hall 7 / 318A

Strategy saves energy

Success is not a matter of luck. Success is always the result of a combination of energy and strategy. It is a fundamental human need to consume as little energy as possible. Completely clear: Strategy saves energy – always!

Deltec Tape Hall 7 / 511

Deltec Tape - Your complete premium Masking range!

With years of expertise in the Masking Tape business and strong partnerships with selective distributors worldwide, Deltec Tape successfully offers a complete range of the highest quality masking products, backed by a comprehensive marketing and sales support program!

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