The interplay of colour, colourfulness and material is represented in the design theme. Colour must not only show itself from its best side technically, but also present itself creatively and emotionally. Discover trends in design here.

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Erfurt Tapeten Hall 8 / 436

Digitally printed wallcoverings in wet rooms

The Erfurt-JuicyWalls Wet Room System transforms digitally printed wallcoverings into durable and washable wall surfaces that can be easily applied in bathrooms and wet rooms. It extends what professional painters and decorators are able to offer clients to create comfortable oases of relaxation.

Sto SE & Co. KGaA several locations

Surpassing limits - the new StoColor System

Due to their systematic nature, classic colour systems encourage the use of monochrome colour compositions. But the new StoColor System thinks outside the box, accommodating polychrome colour harmonies with the same ease.

Erfurt Tapeten Hall 8 / 436

“Digitally Printed Walls”: the new Erfurt JuicyWalls collection

“Digitally printed wallcoverings reinterpreted” – Erfurt, the wallcovering manufacturer, presents its latest JuicyWalls PRO collection with brand-new high-resolution images

NOËL & MARQUET a brand of NMC Hall 7 / 508

Unique wall design with NOËL & MARQUET

Discover the endless decorative possibilities offered by NOËL & MARQUET. Turn walls into statement pieces and transform entire interiors thanks to the complete range of decorative profiles. For instance, use 3D wall panels to give rooms texture, personality and added architectural interest.

DISBON GmbH several locations

Coating garage floors as easy as rolling walls

Our 4 systems for the garage: The choice of system solution depends on the requirements of the finished floor as well as the type of implementation. These requirements for the floor can depend on various factors depending on the object.

Stone Age Deutschland GmbH Hall 7 / 245

Our unique concrete plaster products

Our mission? A unique interior for every style of living. That’s why we supply five different products in many different colours. We also love durability: micro-topping concrete has high strength, is wear-resistant and timeless.

Edle Räume Hall 7 / 318A

Seamless 3.0

What began many years ago with lime-based products, reaching a preliminary peak in the numerous microcement products, transformed due to the many product-related difficulties into plastic-bound materials. But it doesn't stop there...

Komar Products GmbH & Co. KG Hall 7 / 322

WET system the innovative solution

Our WET system for wet area Photomurals is an innovative solution that revolutionises the traditional approach to Photomurals application and meets the requirements of humid environments.

Ferrara Design Hall 7 / 131A

INCANTESIMO by Ferrara Design. Marble effect in one coat only

INCANTESIMO by Ferrara Design. See how to make a marble effect in one coat only with the most innovative paint on the market. Different shades and veins colors will appear in the same moment, just using your throwel.

SPIVER Colorificio Hall 7 / 133


The union of two natural raw materials, which integrate perfectly in the concept of green building and green architecture. A special mix, which aggregates widespread natural resources the finest Italian marble minerals.

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